As a graphic designer with a broad background, I believe that each project requires a strategic, on-target concept. Generating ideas can be both my strength and my nemesis – they are difficult to turn off, even while sleeping. Transforming a blank page into something visually pleasing that is thought-provoking and on-strategy can be joyful and painful at the same time. Art directing and styling photoshoots, tweaking the individual elements until they create the exemplary whole, is a favorite assignment. I’m an atypical designer who actually enjoys writing copy – of course only when deemed necessary and a talented copywriter is not on the project. And learning new technologies or mediums is accomplished through books, classes, web searches, friends or by simply beginning at square one. After all, when I started in the business there were lines at the waxer machine and markers on my drafting table.


I’ve nearly run the gamut of experience from large advertising agencies to small design boutiques to freelance and have worked on national accounts, non-profits and small businesses. Adhering to budgets and deadlines is a great way to keep clients and producing effective creative is a great way to keep them happy. Reaching that point is never a one person show and one person does not always possess the only possible solution.


I would be thrilled to have the opportunity to add great new creative to my portfolio, skills to the list, forge new friendships and enjoy the satisfaction of a project well done. If I could contribute my talents and experience as an integral part of a successful team, even better.






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