Freelance Designer / Art Director  |  Jul 07 – Present  |  Cave Creek, Arizona

Create strategic advertising solutions for personal clients as well as freelance on- and off-site for various agencies and

other designers. Inherent in every project is the ability to generate multiple ideas and quickly incorporate them into a

tight creative layout that stays on message, budget and deadline as well as produce and follow through to final delivery,

ensuring quality and satisfaction. A tight network is maintained in the industry that consists of media buyers, printers,

developers, public relations, designers and photographers to provide a broad range of services if necessary.


::   strategize, concept, design and produce print and electronic advertising aimed to influence the target audience

::   research background, company or topic and write concise, thoughtful copy: headlines, body copy, taglines, radio

::   present and review projects to ensure creative work is on strategy and in line with the brand and desires of the client

::   manage project schedules, budgets and details and offer solutions that may better serve the client or consumer

::   style and art direct photoshoots: locate props, schedule models, secure locations, assist photographer, retouch images

::   learn and utilize new software and technology as well as modes of communication such as social media


      clients: royal palms resort & spa, ancotel (lidarc), mediaworks, tick tock daily deals, clark gillies foundation,

      clean beach club of lido, allied fiber, ohio caverns, clark creative, p.r.i.z.e., mindset

      agency project work: dmb realty, bigfish/solution48, rio verde golf club, walter the bus, phoenix opera,

      scottsdale healthcare, real property management / mainly maintenance, horizon club tours,

      southwestern eye center, san antonio cvb, payless shoe source


Senior Art Director  |  Mindset  |  Jul 06 – Jul 07  |  Scottsdale, Arizona

Concepted, designed and produced high-end advertising materials. Worked directly with principals and clients and

frequently assisted in handling the agency operations and workload when the principal / creative director was out of town.

Continued to work in a freelance capacity for principal / creative director after the agency closed.


::   created advertising solutions as well as collaborated with the creative director on many aspects of client and agency work

::   managed vendor relations: estimates, options, capabilities, technology, schedules, press checks, job delivery

::   directed and styled photoshoots, assisted clients with photography needs and maintained photography files

::   supervised and directed production and freelance artists and freelance copywriters


Freelance Designer / Art Director  |  Mar 98 – Jul 06  |  Phoenix, Arizona & San Francisco, California

Designed and produced creative advertising materials for both clients and agencies in a variety of capacities.

Designed the labels for Dave’s Gourmet pasta sauces that became their biggest selling product. Was on retainer

with Financial Engines and handled print work for this Silicon Valley online company.


::   strategized, concepted and designed advertising and collateral solutions for a broad range of clients

::   obtained quotes from and worked directly with vendors and managed through delivery of projects

::   adhered to all brand standards, deadlines and budgets while staying on target and on message


      clients / agency project work: eb lane, action performance, air marketing, young & associates, dave’s gourmet,

      financial engines, big accessories, ohio caverns


Senior Art Director  |  Young & Associates  |  Nov 96 – Mar 98  |  Phoenix, Arizona

Designed print materials at this boutique design firm that maintained a close relationship with a high-end printer,

which was very beneficial as it provided the opportunity to try new techniques, test paper stocks and the like.

Agency operated at an extraordinary pace and most jobs were designed and produced at break-neck speeds

but were still solid solutions, well executed and provided clients a quality end product.


::   designed and produced print materials such as software packaging, unique b-to-b direct mail and retail environment

::   met directly with principals and clients to discuss projects, brainstorm ideas and give presentations

::   recommended and implemented new studio procedures, project flow, operating schedules, job duties

::   managed and art directed designers and freelancers and helped schedule and prioritize their projects

::   hired and art directed photographers and illustrators which included meeting with their reps and reviewing talent

::   conducted and/or contributed to interviews for production, design and management positions


Senior Art Director  |  Alpern Ad Hoc  |  Jul 96 – Nov 96  |  Scottsdale, Arizona

Worked in conjunction with the creative director in a two person creative department to design advertising

and collateral pieces for clients that were mostly in the medical industry.


::   designed and produced print materials

::   assisted the creative director with many aspects of the creative department

::   met directly with clients to discuss projects, present work and review content and changes


Senior Designer  |  Holcomb Gallagher Adams  |  May 95 – Jun 96  |  Columbus, Ohio

Was selected to be this upstart agency’s first employee, which initially consisted of a single principal and myself. An

integral part of the company, my job was to do whatever was needed above and beyond simply designing projects.

Self-taught many new Photoshop skills and learned numerous printing and die cutting techniques as well as

how to keep an agency running smoothly.


::   designed and produced print materials for a wide range of clients, both local and national

::   altered or retouched in photoshop scans and images for final production

::   worked directly with clients on all aspects of their account as well as assisted principal with various tasks

::   obtained quotes and schedules from printers, print brokers and pre-production houses, press checked jobs

::   managed project load and general studio activities, answered phones, scheduled meetings and deliveries

::   chose models, props, locations and scheduled, art directed and styled photoshoots

::   supervised progress and art directed illustrators and freelancers

::   responsible for keeping macs and equipment operating, trouble shoot and fix problems as needed

::   helped put office together: sanded and varnished desks, painted, hung shelves and organized samples

::   taught principal some design software, digital file print requirements and how to perform maintenance on macs


Assistant Art Director & Art Director  |  Hameroff/Milenthal/Spence  |  Apr 92 – May 95  |  Columbus, Ohio

Worked as a designer at this full-service advertising agency, which was the largest in the city and retained numerous

national accounts. Was fortunate to concept, art direct and edit my first television commercial, for Kroger, featuring

the head basketball coach for Ohio State University. Was solely responsible for choosing a photographer, scheduling and

art directing a multi-city, twenty-five thousand dollar photoshoot for a recruitment piece I designed for an international client.


::   strategized, concepted, designed and produced print advertising and other media for national and local clients

::   art directed photoshoots, television shoots and video and audio editing

::   assisted creative directors, fellow art directors and assistant art directors with client and creative department needs

::   assigned projects to, supervised and art directed designers, production artists, interns, illustrators and freelancers

::   designed and prepared materials for production on the mac, by traditional methods or a combination of both

::   promoted from assistant art director to art director after less than a year


Assistant Art Director  |  Bowen & Associates  |  Aug 91 – Apr 92  |  Columbus, Ohio

Designed and produced Columbus Home and Life, a monthly magazine owned and distributed by the company.


::   assisted art director with all aspects of creating the magazine and everyday operations of the creative department

::   concepted cover shots, scouted locations, obtained usage approvals, chose props, styled and art directed all photoshoots

::   created ads for and met directly with the advertisers in the magazine

::   worked in conjunction with the writers and designed content and editorial pages

::   coordinated time sensitive schedules and press checked printing of each issue at the out-of-town web printer


Junior Graphic Designer  |  Fekete + Company  |  May 91 – Aug 91  |  Columbus, Ohio

Held a part-time position but chose to work more than full-time hours to learn as much as possible, which included

teaching myself Quark and Illustrator on billable agency jobs. Took photos for client projects with my own equipment.


::   concepted, designed and produced various advertisements and print materials

::   obtained quotes and samples from printers, pre-production houses and paper representatives

::   art directed photoshoots, illustrators and freelancers

::   self-taught on the mac using quark and illustrator and combined its usage with traditional methods as needed


Graphic Design Intern  |  Colorado State University / Publications  |  Sep 89 – Apr 91  |  Fort Collins, Colorado

Spent the summer before graduation and a year and a half after at CSU as an intern in the creative services / publications

department. Businesses utilized the department for their advertising and design needs and the unpaid interns received

valuable experience working on “real world” projects with clients, deadlines and budgets. This was when computers first

came into use but all work was created using traditional methods. One field trip included a tour and demonstration

at a two-year-old software company in Denver called Quark, Inc.


::   designed print materials using traditional methods and presented layouts to both university departments and external clients

::   assisted creative director and fellow design interns with projects, presentations and portfolio reviews



Bachelor of Fine Arts  |  The Ohio State University  |  Jun 89  |  Columbus, Ohio




::   proficient with indesign, photoshop, illustrator, quark, acrobat, word, powerpoint and a little with excel

::   self-taught developer, intermediate experience with dreamweaver, css, html, eblasts, vertical response, go daddy

::   creative and advertising writing abilities: headlines, body copy, taglines, radio and business naming

::   excellent craftsmanship, neat and organized both digitally and in reality

::   ability to figure-it-out and keep-at-it until projects are at a place where the strategy and execution are in line

::   styling, art directing, assisting photographers and models on photoshoots and tv shoots

::   can easily visualize three dimensionally and translate that for mock ups and final production

::   extensive experience with the printing industry: equipment, capabilities, techniques, paper stock and cost efficiency

::   detail oriented, self-directed and productive under demanding conditions

::   possess design skills for things outside of advertising: t-shirts, handbags, shoes





Jana Randolph  |  Graphic Designer / Art Director  |  Cave Creek, Arizona  |  480 / 529.5424  |